Earlier this summer we had tropical heat here in Norway, and I practically lived in this dress for about two weeks. It was just too hot to wear anything else..!

Floral Asos-13 Floral Asos-12 Floral Asos-4Floral Asos-11Floral Asos-6 Floral Asos-9   Floral Asos-3Dress – Asos // Heels – Steve Madden // Bag – Aldo 

Now I’m at home on the couch in a big knitted sweater and just wishing we could get some of that heat back! But fall is definitely around the corner, and the nights are getting darker and colder.. Luckily I have our trip to Miami in October to look forward to! Summer has always been my favorite season, I just wish it could last a little longer in our country.. :(

Nursery dreams

Hubby and I have started the process of getting the nursery together. We’ve been using it as an office/guest room/shoe room so far, but now we’ve moved everything out to get ready to paint. The walls are going to be white, but I want the wall where the crib is going to be in a different color, and I can’t seem to decide between grey, mint or beige.. I have so many beautiful inspiration pictures on my Pinterest, but I don’t know which I like better! Any thoughts?

I can’t wait till it’s finished! :D

Smile and chill

Chill Smile-5Chill Smile-6Chill Smile-7Chill SmileChill Smile-2 Chill Smile-3 Chill Smile-4Dress – Asos // Jacket – H&M // Shoes – Jordans // Backpack – Steve Madden


Hey jewels! I’ve had a bit of a sucky monday. It was one of those days that starts out wrong and then the rest of the day just kinda continues like that. We did manage to do a little something that cheered me up a bit though, we bought a car seat for the baby today! And the other day we bought a stroller, which I’ll show you soon :)

Hope all of you had a better start to the week than me!

It’s a…

…BOY! :D

We are so excited to have a little baby boy on the way! People have asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl, and we both want one of each. Ultimately, the only thing we really wish for is a healthy, happy baby, and so far it looks like our wish will come true <3 At our last ultrasound, the due date got pushed to December 30th, so having a January-baby is looking more promising :)

DF8A2904DF8A2580_2 DF8A2584_2 DF8A2647 DF8A2779 DF8A2831 DF8A2874 DF8A2898 DF8A2958 DF8A2984 DF8A3003

All photos by Endre Jansen

The news

Hey guys!

It’s time to break the news to you about why I’ve been absent from the blog these past weeks; I’m pregnant!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook already know, but I’m finally feeling well enough to start blogging again, so now everyone knows! The baby is due in the end of December, but fingers crossed it’ll chill out in there till January. This is to be secured a spot in kindergarden, because here in Norway the babies that are born between September 1st and January 1st are highly unlikely to get in.. I’m in my 19th week, so next week I’ll be half way, and as far along as I got the last time. We’re having another ultrasound on monday, and hopefully the baby still looks perfect and healthy.

We are super excited, and want to thank everyone who has congratulated us so far, we really appreciate all you blessings and best wishes <3 Fingers crossed, all goes well his time!

Floral Asos-14 Floral Asos-16Floral Asos-19Floral Asos-20 Floral Asos-17

Take great Instagram photos!

Whenever I follow people on Instagram that I don’t know, it’s because they take interesting and pretty photos. It’s no surprise that I follow a lot of fashion bloggers, and a lot of them actually take really great photos. I loved this little tutorial made by one of my favorite blogs, Song Of Style, and thought I would share it with you guys:

If you want to follow me on Instagram, it’s julestrulyofficial :)

Dreaming the days away

Being sick and couch bound gives you plenty of time to search the web for inspiration, and getting lost in day dreams, like how your future home might look like. We have been looking at houses in Moss, but finding the perfect house isn’t easy. Especially the kind that we want, and still have it fit our budget..! So lately we’ve been thinking about maybe just building a house ourselves.

One thing we know for sure, is that we want to have a master bedroom, connected to a master bathroom, and a nice, big walk-in closet!

Sorry for the lack of activity in here while I’m sick, hopefully better days are ahead!

New Favorite

Hi jewels!

I’m still sick and stuck at home on the couch. But I recently discovered a new favorite that I wanted to share with you.


I’m not sure what to call this, but I guess juice soda is a fair description..! They are basically just juice mixed with carbonated water. All three are so refreshing and delicious, but the passion flavor (the one in the middle), is my favorite. *YUMMY*. The other two are apple and orange, but they’re all mixed with at least one more thing, like grapes.

So while I’m lying here feeling crappy, I’m drinking these instead of coke! Have you tried it?

Starting fresh

Mondays have really started to grow on me..! There’s something about a fresh start, having a brand new week ahead of you to fill. So if your previous week wasn’t so great, which was the case for me, this week can be better!

Besides working every day except for thursday last week, I also managed to ruin my brand new phone. *GAH* And yesterday I got sick :(

So here’s to a better week!



Angelica Blick For BikBok

I fell in love with these two pieces from the moment I saw the collection, and I’m so pleased that I got my hands on them! The only thing I’m missing are the rings, gotta keep looking for those..!


Absolutely love the combination of white and rose gold. I’ve followed Angelica Blick’s blog for a while, and always found her style very cool. I really like her whole collection, but the shoes and the purse were a must-have for me. Can’t wait for a sunny day when I get to wear them outside, outfit to come ;)

Have you gotten anything from the Angelica Blick for BikBok collection? What are your favorites?